Is Your Forex Broker Genuine Or Scam?

Many fresh traders struggle to find a real, transparent Forex broker who has adequate Forex trading experience. Most new traders are lured into Forex as an easy game to make money through a fake Forex broker. Forex is one of the world’s most volatile markets, and it is impossible to easily game or predict currency…

3 Types Of Forex Graphs You Must Know

Technical analysis is an important lesson that leads to successful Forex trades. One of the most basic aspect of technical analysis is a trader’s ability to interpret charts and graphs. Sure, there are Expert Advisors and copy traders whom we can depend on, but knowing the basics helps a trader to observe and recognize trading opportunities. Bots are precise and accurate, yet from time to time the market expresses its sentiments. As trading involves sentimental analysis, these knowledge will prove its use.

Support / Resistance, Trend Lines & Channels

Staring at the graphs, criss-crossing lines and decimated numbers on trading platforms, Forex trading can be a little intimidating for newbies, at first. There are so many methods revised by forum pros every day, but you hardly understand those jargons. Fibonacci expansion, say what?

However overwhelming these uncanny terms may appear, fortunately enough, you can start trading just by using simple and effective strategies that is as useful as any indicators in the market or on the trading platform (although overlooked often by many), which is trading with Support and Resistance levels.

The Definitive Guide To Forex EA Trading

Forex robots are programs that use algorithms to trade automatically or semi-automatically in the market. With or without the presence of a trader, the best ones are able to gain enough profits while ‘staying alive’. Many Forex beginners turn their heads to robots- these ‘pros’ are capable of doing and executing the complicated mathematical calculations within splits seconds, at the same time keeping their ‘heads’ cool. Thus, the renowned title, Expert Advisors.

Coping with Loud Neighbors. BONUS: 7 FREE Server Monitoring Tools

Have you ever noticed the frequent spikes on the server CPU performance? Or have you ever experienced visiting websites that are unable to load properly? Or perhaps find yourself getting stuck while signing off from an online shopping cart? Ok let’s chill and find a solution.

101 Things You Must Know Before Getting Into Forex

Forex which stands for the foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. With its volume of $5.3 trillion trades daily, can you imagine how large the market is? From the size of the trading volume, it’s obvious that there are a lot of traders and investors had involved themselves in the Forex market. You might be surprised that even in an economic crisis, Forex market can still remain profitable as currencies are always traded in pairs.

Ask Your Server Host These 15 Questions (Part 2)

Previously in Ask Your Host: 15 Fundamental FAQs (Part 1), we learned to ask hosts (in general) the right questions before deciding to subscribe to a hosting company.

In this post(Part 2), you’ll continue learning to question critically to help you make better, wiser decisions.

Let’s get on it!

Ask Your Server Host These 15 Questions (Part 1)

Settling for a VPS host may be quite troubling, especially without some basic technical knowledge when you are bombarded with so many choices on the Internet. Tempting the promotions are at first glance. Then you look back and find your head among clouds- where do you begin with?